Artist Statement

“The artistic and creative force is within each of us…I just let it out when it scratches at the door. I’m inspired by my dreams, both waking and sleeping. I find images in the spaces between and the areas overlooked by many. All I do is open my eyes and the images find me.”

I’ve often told others that my hands are guided by something other than myself… I do not create images. They find me in my dreams and on my quests for knowledge and journeys through life.

From digital media with a painterly quality to paintings inspired by digital media, I often find the line blurred between the cyber world and the so called “real” world. I prefer paint for its flow and texture, but will pick up whatever medium I feel I need to accomplish my mission of creating. The images that manifest from my dreams take over my mind and spirit and somehow manipulate matter and medium and encourage it to rise to a higher expression. I am merely an active participant in the process.

I’ve learned to recognize from a collection of possibilities what resonates most strongly with my dreams and personal vision and choose to pursue images and projects that reflect the expression of my soul.